What to do After a DUI in Arizona

what to do after a dui

What to do After a DUI in Arizona

what to do after a duiIf you were charged with an Arizona DUI yesterday, there are things you should do today to ensure the best possible outcome for your case and that you do all you can to avoid conviction. An Arizona DUI attorney can help walk you through these steps.

Request an MVD hearing

Your license suspension is completed independent of your court case. This means that even before your conviction of a DUI, you can lose your license if you don’t take the proper next steps. Within 15 days of receiving a DUI, you need to contact the Motor Vehicle Division to request a hearing.

Failure to request a hearing during this timeframe results in your license being suspended. Losing your license will have a great effect on your life that you can avoid if you take the proper precautions. When you are timely in your request for an MVD hearing, you can often preserve your driving rights so that you don’t receive an automatic suspension notice. Even if you are found innocent of your DUI charges, you can still face the suspension if you don’t take advantage of the 15-day rule.

Locate your car

When you are taken to the police station under suspicion of a DUI, the law enforcement officer generally has your car towed. The sooner you retrieve the car, the lower the fees to have it released to you and the easier it will be to get the car.

If you wait to retrieve your car, you can face more serious fees to get it back and have more hoops to jump through to retrieve it. Generally, you can retrieve your car without a court order, which is good news so that you can return to your regular activities as you await your court case for your DUI.

Learn your court date

Upon being arrested for a DUI, you generally get a court date that is a very short time away. You want to find out this court date as soon as possible so you can begin working on your defense with your lawyer. You also want to be sure to clear your calendar and have your attorney be free that day too in order to prepare for the proceedings.

Make sure you know the address for your court hearing because you don’t want to show up late. Give your court case the time and attention it deserves because of the gravity of what it can do to your future if you’re found guilty. If you are unable to shift your personal appointments to make time for the original court case date, try to reschedule as soon as possible. It can be frowned upon to move your court date at the last minute and you don’t want to give the prosecution more reason to believe you are guilty.

Hire a DUI attorney

If you did not hire a DUI attorney yesterday, today is the day to do it. The sooner you can get an attorney involved in your case, the better your case is likely to go in the long run.

You want to ensure that your attorney has all the details related to your case. The later that you hire your attorney, the more catch-up work they will be forced to do, which can leave room for errors or things you simply forget to share with your attorney because they seem trivial.

Involve your attorney in all discussions with law enforcement, the courts and any other parties involved in the case. An attorney is there to help you make everything right again after you face DUI charges or suspicion of a DUI.

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