How to Make it Easier for Your Arizona Criminal Attorney

How to Make it Easier for Your Arizona Criminal Attorney

How to Make it Easier for Your Arizona Criminal Attorney

There is a common misconception that hiring a criminal defense attorney in Arizona is all a defendant has to do in order to expedite a fair and just result. However, hiring an attorney is only one piece of the metaphorical puzzle that represents justice. As a defendant, you can do plenty to help your attorney prove your innocence and minimize your penalty or even eliminate your penalty. Instead of thinking of your attorney as your servant, consider it a professional relationship that has the potential to be mutually beneficial.

Be Responsive

The more information you can provide your criminal defense attorney, the better chance you have to prove your innocence. Tell your attorney exactly what occurred to prompt the criminal defense charge. If your attorney reaches out to you via phone, email, text or another way, respond as soon as possible. The quicker you respond, the more time your attorney will have to craft your legal defense. So be sure to check your phone as well as your emails a couple time per day after hiring an attorney. If you have a communication method preference, let your attorney know right away so he or she can communicate with you through that medium.

Tell the Truth

Criminal defense attorneys are bound by a client-attorney confidentiality privilege. This means the information you provide to your attorney will remain a secret. If you are guilty or somewhat guilty, tell your attorney exactly what occurred and you won’t worry about him or her reporting your guilt to the police. If you were to lie to your attorney, you would compromise the relationship and the rapport. Half-truths and bald-faced lies make your attorney’s job that much more challenging. Tell the truth and your attorney will base your legal defense strategy on actual facts.

Speak Up When You are Concerned or Have Questions

Instead of being quiet and assuming everything will work out to your benefit simply because you have an experienced Arizona criminal defense attorney on your side, speak up. If you have any questions, concerns or other problems, let your attorney know what’s on your mind. The bottom line is your attorney is not a mind reader. Pick up the phone, send an email, transmit a text or request a face-to-face meeting with your attorney to clarify whatever is on your mind during this difficult chapter of your life.

However, it must be noted that coordinating an in-person meeting takes a considerable amount of time whereas an email response can be transmitted in mere minutes. Once your attorney addresses your concerns and questions pertaining to your case, you will rest easy knowing your legal practitioner has everything under control.

Your Attorney Wants to Help

The bottom line is your attorney would like to improve your quality of life and ensure justice is served in your criminal case. However, no two clients or cases are exactly alike. If you have anything on your mind or if you think of something that you did not mention to your attorney that might help with your case, contact your attorney to speak your mind. Every last tidbit of information helps tip the scales of justice in your favor as your attorney will use this information to build your custom-tailored legal defense.

The legal strategy created for your case will prove highly unique compared to that used for others as the nuanced facts of your case are quite idiosyncratic. Do your part to keep the lines of communication open with your attorney, tell the truth about your case and you will sleep soundly knowing you have done everything in your power to help your attorney clear your name.