How Much Does a DUI Cost in Arizona?

How Much Does a DUI Cost in Arizona?

how much does a dui cost in arizonaIf you ever drive drunk or under the influence of drugs, you will eventually have to face the consequences. In Arizona, these consequences tend to be much more serious than in the rest of the country. You will face license suspension, potential jail time, the installation of an ignition interlock device in your car and a fine.

The size of the fine will depend on several things. You should, however, be prepared for the financial impact of committing the crime.

Arizona Drunk Driving Fines

The DUI fine will be determined by examining the type of offense and whether it’s a first one or a repeat DUI.

A first-time DUI offender charged with a misdemeanor will have to pay a fine of 250 dollars (this is a base fine and additional charges may apply). The sum will increase to 500 dollars for a second-time offender and 750 dollars for a third-time offense.

The fines become steeper for people charged with extreme DUI (whenever the blood alcohol content of the driver exceeds 0.15 percent). A person who commits an extreme DUI for the first time will have to pay a base fine of 900 dollars. Additional charges that will apply in the case include a 250-dollar payment for a DUI assessment and a 1,250-dollar charge for an extreme DUI assessment. As you can see, the amounts add up to a hefty sum.

A person who commits an extreme DUI for the second time will have to pay 450 dollars in a base fine, 250 dollars for DUI assessment and 1,000 dollars for an extreme DUI assessment.

DUI assessment fees will apply to all kinds of charges, adding a significant amount to the base fine. An aggravated DUI assessment is the costliest one, coming at 1,500 dollars.

The Financial Implications of Committing a DUI in Arizona

Driving under the influence carries serious financial implications. Not only will you have to pay a fine, there are additional fees and charges, as well as long-term insurance implications.

If you have to get alcohol screening or treatment on the basis of a court ruling, you should be prepared to spend anywhere between 150 and 600 dollars on such a program. Often, such treatment is required to reduce a potential sentence, which is why you should be prepared to take on the possibility.

The installation of an ignition interlock device is something else you will be financially responsible for. There is a monthly fee and an installation charge, thus you will have to spend about 1,080 dollars on the device over the course of one year.

Additional costs and charges may come in the form of paying after vehicle towing and impoundment, a license reinstatement fee and the mandatory license suspension cost. In addition, drivers in Arizona have to get SR-22 insurance policies after DUI. These are rather expensive (costing about 600 dollars per year) and they’re mandated for a period of three years. Once the requirement for having SR-22 insurance is lifted, you should be prepared for having to spend more on your regular auto insurance because of the conviction.

Depending on the different sources of information, the overall cost of a DUI conviction in Arizona will come in the range from 9,000 to 27,000 dollars. if you have damaged property or hurt someone in the accident and if you are a repeat offender, you should be prepared for the most serious financial implications.

The fact that having a DUI conviction on record could affect your ability to get a job in the future is also going to affect your fiscal wellbeing. Don’t underestimate the seriousness of DUI charges and talk to an attorney about your situation as soon as possible.  Click here more information on DUI treatment in Arizona.