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Random Police Pull-Overs – They are Illegal in Arizona!

Random Police Pull-Overs: They Are Illegal in Arizona!

Getting pulled over by police officers in Arizona is going to be nerve-wracking for most drivers, even if they haven’t done anything wrong. Anxiousness and worries interfere with the sound judgment of the situation and many people forget about their rights during random police pull-overs.

In Arizona, police officers […]

Getting Frisked in Arizona and Knowing Your Rights

Getting Frisked in Arizona and Knowing Your Rights

Does the police have the right to frisk you at any given time? What are your rights in such a situation and can you turn down a frisk? These are important questions and you need to know what your rights are in the case of a police stop […]

Obstruction of Justice in Arizona

Obstruction of Justice in Arizona

When a criminal investigation is launched against you, chances are that you’ll feel tempted to prevent the uncovering of evidence. Resisting the urge is important because if you do, you will be committing a crime. The obstruction of a criminal investigation (obstruction of justice in Arizona) carries its consequences in the […]

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