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Consequences of Harboring Illegal Aliens in Arizona

Consequences of Harboring Illegal Aliens in Arizona

In 2019 a humanitarian worker with the No More Deaths organization Was tried for harboring and feeding illegal aliens. The man, Scott Warren, fed and provided medical treatment to two illegal immigrants and went on trial for felony charges of harboring illegal aliens, and conspiracy to transport illegal aliens. […]

Criminal Damage – Destroying Property with a Vehicle

What Happens if You Destroy Property While Operating a Vehicle Drunk?

Driving under the influences carries certain risks. If you get pulled over by police officers, you will be sanctioned for the consumption of alcohol or other intoxicating substances. If you damage property while operating a vehicle under the influence, you will also be charged with […]

The Criminal Appeals Process in Arizona

The Criminal Appeals Process in Arizona

Having been convicted of a crime in Arizona does not mean the battle is over. There are still things you can do to challenge the decision. Going through the criminal appeals process is an essential. For best results, you obviously need an experienced legal representative who is familiar with […]

Obstruction of Justice in Arizona

Obstruction of Justice in Arizona

When a criminal investigation is launched against you, chances are that you’ll feel tempted to prevent the uncovering of evidence. Resisting the urge is important because if you do, you will be committing a crime. The obstruction of a criminal investigation (obstruction of justice in Arizona) carries its consequences in the […]

Possible Defenses Against Assault Charges in Arizona

Possible Defenses against Assault Charges in Arizona

Allegations of assault and battery come with serious consequences in Arizona. The potential sentence could include a long period of time in prison, especially when it comes to aggravated assault charges. This is the main reason why a sound defense strategy will be needed right from the start. Several defense […]

Statute of Limitations for Arizona Criminal Charges

Statute of Limitations for Arizona Criminal Charges

If you committed a crime in Arizona, you probably wonder how long the state has to file charges against you. The statute of limitations can vary from one crime to another and might depend on the circumstances. The statute of limitations for Arizona criminal charges are […]

How is Shoplifting Prosecuted in Arizona?

How is Shoplifting Prosecuted in Arizona?

Are you facing shoplifting charges in the state of Arizona? If so, you’re probably worrying about the consequences. One thing is certain – shoplifting in Arizona is considered a criminal offense. The seriousness of the penalty will depend on several key factors when shoplifting prosecuted in Arizona.

Shoplifting: When […]

What Qualifies as Solicitation in Arizona?

What Qualifies as Solicitation in Arizona: The Legal Framework

A charge of solicitation in Arizona can have a very serious impact on just about every aspect of life. Understanding what the charge is, in which situation it applies and what’s a possible line of defense could potentially be used to do damage control in the aftermath […]

The Essentials of Building a Strong Criminal Defense

The Essentials of Building Strong Criminal Defense

Regardless of the complexity of a criminal case, working with an attorney on the selection of the best defense would be of paramount importance. An experienced criminal defense lawyer will know which aspects to put emphasis on in order to ensure the client a favorable outcome or at […]

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