Arizona DUI and Drug and Alcohol Treatment

dui and drug and alcohol treatment

Arizona DUI and Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs

DUI cases come with their specifics. Whenever the transgression related to drug or alcohol abuse is more serious, the vehicle operator could be ordered by court to join a treatment or education program. In some instances, cooperation and enrolment in such a program could contribute to court leniency and a sentence reduction. Let us see what are the DUI and drug and alcohol treatment programs.

Arizona Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs: Overview

Several types of programs and courses are available and a person could be referred by an Arizona court to any of them. Some of the most common options include:

  • DUI education programs
  • DUI treatment, including alcohol or drug screening
  • Substance abuse treatment programs
  • Counseling
  • Follow-up drug and alcohol evaluations

Depending on the specifics, some of the programs can be completed online (whenever there’s solely an educational component). The cost of joining such courses will depend on the number of hours required for the completion and the specifics that the program will focus on.

DUI and drug and alcohol treatment programs could either take place in group settings or on one-on-one basis. The curriculum will be diversified but few of the important topics that will be covered include understanding addiction, triggers, how to recover from addiction, understanding Arizona DUI laws, how alcohol affects the body and cultural beliefs pertaining to alcohol consumption.

If the court wishes to, it can make a special request pertaining to the DUI education program, its curriculum and the activities that the guilty party will have to partake in. A few possible specialized requests may include MVD screenings, breathalyzer and drug testing and completion of the program via virtual classes (that a person may complete from the comfort of their home).

Benefits of Attending DUI and Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs

Should you attend a drug and alcohol treatment program after your DUI sentencing? The best thing to do is to comply with the court order because you will enjoy an array of benefits.

As already mentioned, joining such a program can reduce or eliminate the criminal conviction altogether. While you will have to pay for the courses, getting rid of your criminal record will definitely justify the expenditure.

Such programs are typically created by experienced therapists and instructors. If you have a problem with drug or alcohol abuse, chances are that a professional counselor or a behavioral health professional may help you change destructive patterns and transform your life in the future.

What Happens if You Fail to Attend DUI Classes?

Keep in mind that drug and alcohol courses that are mandated by court are obligatory. Thus, apart from potentially reducing your sentence, these programs are non-negotiable in the aftermath of being found guilty of a DUI.

dui and drug and alcohol treatmentIf you’re on probation, going to the program will be a part of your requirement. Skipping classes or avoiding course participation altogether will mean that you have violated the terms and conditions of the probation. Needless to say, this is a serious offense. You will probably have to attend a court session once again and the repercussions could include the imposition of the original DUI sentence.

On occasions, it may be impossible to attend a DUI program due to personal hardships or financial issues. In such instances, you should definitely speak to your DUI attorney. A good lawyer could potentially negotiate your reinstatement in the program. If the court makes such a decision, there will be no imposition of harsher penalties.

Keep in mind that online DUI classes are available in Arizona. Some of these are quite affordable and easy to complete. There’s really no excuse to bail out on such programs, especially when you know what’s at stake.